Metal Roofing

Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing is widely regarded as an environmentally friendly and reliable choice for commercial and industrial buildings. It is a popular option among commercial building owners in the New England region, not only for its appealing aesthetics but also for its long-lasting performance. Commercial metal roofing comes in various materials and colors, and can effortlessly complement buildings of all types. These roofs are recognized for their enduring quality, resilience, and exceptional heat resistance.

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When it comes to low-slope commercial roofing, nothing beats structural metal panels. They are the perfect solution for commercial and industrial buildings, especially in Massachusetts where they provide excellent water protection and resistance against high-speed wind storms. With the ability to be installed over various substrates, structural metal panel roof systems offer strength, energy efficiency, and are ideal for roof replacement or re-roofing.

At Legacy Commercial Roofing, we specialize in enhancing your building with a durable and high-performance metal roof. Our team of experienced roofers can install a new metal roof over your existing one, providing a cost-effective and efficient solution. Additionally, we offer expert roof repair and roof coating services for commercial buildings.

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Choosing a Metal Roof for your Commercial or Industrial Facility

For building managers seeking a cost-effective solution for roof replacement, industrial and commercial metal roofs serve as a reliable alternative. These roofing systems offer exceptional resistance to issues like eroding, shrinking, and cracking. With added benefits of low maintenance and energy efficiency, metal roofs are gaining popularity in the industrial and commercial market. As a full-service New England commercial roofing contractor, our team will consult with you to determine if metal roofing is suitable for your building. Some benefits to highlight include:

  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly
  • Proven waterproofing capabilities
  • Superior fire resistance
  • Aesthetically pleasing for buildings
  • Long-lasting roof system
  • Rated for high-wind speeds
  • Resistant to weather elements
  • Installed on surfaces that are low-sloped or steep
  • Roof coatings can be applied
  • Minimal maintenance required

Commercial Metal Roofing

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Metal Roof Installation and Repair in the New England Region

We local contractors specializing in metal roof installation with years of experience serving the New England Region. We serve the entire state of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont & Maine. Top Cities Served: Bridgeport, CT ● New Haven, CT ● Hartford, CT ●Boston, MA ● Worcester, MA ● Springfield, MA ● Manchester, NH ● Nashua, NH ● Concord, NH ● Providence, RI ● Cranston, RI ● Warwick, RI ● Burlington, VT ● Essex, VT ● South Burlington, VT ● Portland, ME ● Lewiston, ME ● Bangor, ME

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