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Roof Coatings

Commercial Roof Coatings – New England Region

Roof coatings provide an effective solution to combat the intense summer heat and chilly winter temperatures in the New England Region. Whether it’s warehouses, retail outlets, or industrial facilities, these coatings offer property owners a low-maintenance, durable, and energy-efficient option. They can be applied to commercial or industrial buildings of any size, and our team of New England Commercial Roofing Contractors has successfully installed various forms of coatings on thousands of roofs across the region.

Elastomeric Roof Coatings and Commercial Buildings

Elastomeric roof coatings provide a weather-responsive solution to reduce utility bills and save energy. These coatings, applied to the roof, have elastic properties that contract and expand with weather changes, effectively reflecting heat from the sun.

Roof coatings are a time-tested method to protect commercial roofs from accelerated deterioration under the intense heat of New England summers. There are various types of roof coatings available, each with unique characteristics that can enhance or extend the lifespan of your roofing system. Certain coatings can even add an extra 20-30 years to the life of your commercial roof. Our experienced commercial roofers have successfully applied coatings to numerous flat roofs and metal roofs for building owners.

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Types of Commercial Roof Coatings

  • Elastomeric Roof Coatings
  • Metal Roof Coating Systems
  • Flat Roof Coatings
  • Spray Foam Roof Coating Repair
  • Ceramic, Acrylic, Silicone, Urethane and S.E.B.S. Roof Coatings
  • Thermal Roof Coatings
  • Aluminum and White Reflective Roof Coatings
  • Roof Coatings

Roof Coatings Reflect the Sun & Reduces Energy Cost

How Do Roof Coatings Work

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Understanding Benefits of Roof Coatings

Consider applying elastomeric coatings if you’re seeking to extend the life of your flat or metal roof. Many savvy business owners view this as a worthwhile investment. Professionally applied, these coatings can provide long-lasting roof protection and are easy to install and maintain. They guard against UV rays, sunlight, and moisture, ultimately increasing the lifespan of your roofing system. When it comes to roof coatings, partnering with an experienced Commercial Roofing Contractor is crucial. There are many benefits that you will observe for your commercial or industrial building:

  • Elastomeric white roofs reflect heat and light from the sun
  • Reduce electric bills and save on energy
  • Seals every seam and crack for a leak-free roof
  • Waterproofs the roof and prevents leaks
  • Reduces HVAC equipment wear-and-tear
  • Ease of maintenance and re-application of fresh coatings
  • Extends the life of your roof

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New England Commercial & Industrial Roofing Coatings

We Apply Elastomeric Coatings to Flat Roofs & Metal Roofs

Our commercial and industrial contractors have been providing the New England Region with roof coating applications for years. We serve the entire state of Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont & Maine. Top Cities Served: Bridgeport, CT ● New Haven, CT ● Hartford, CT ●Boston, MA ● Worcester, MA ● Springfield, MA ● Manchester, NH ● Nashua, NH ● Concord, NH ● Providence, RI ● Cranston, RI ● Warwick, RI ● Burlington, VT ● Essex, VT ● South Burlington, VT ● Portland, ME ● Lewiston, ME ● Bangor, ME

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